Back in the day blog were considered personal journal of someone who had a passion. These blogs were for the most part private and didnt create a buzz or bring in revenue. Today, blogging is one of the most popular income streams on the internet and more and more people are taking advantage of this trend. When contemplating the idea of starting and running a blog, one would need a list a various ideas and topics to keep the reader informed and engaged. When you are a business and want to create revenue, there are many options that you may consider when choosing:

Gossip Blogger

Celebrity and Popular news blogs are big money makers and make money by creating content surround popular celebrities personal lives as well as their careers. Gossip Blog can get millions of views a day and make huge amount of money in the process but there are several ways a Gossip Blogger can get p

Ghost Blogger

This is perfect for those bloggers who have no time to create their own content. Ghost blogger speaks for itself and writes content and basically sells the content to the blogger to produce as their own. Sort of like private label rights If you are a thorough writer than your services will be warranted and will allow a steady income stream. These type of bloggers can create content on any topic with thorough research which broadens their client base

Freelance Blogger

This is alot like ghost blogger as you are providing content for your clirnts. the only difference is Freelnacers get credit for their work which allows them to gain new clients after they have come acorss the freelancer’s content. This is one of the best marketing tools for freelancers because cust can see first hand what the freelancer is capable of.

Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate is the number one where blogger who do not have their own products make revenue. You can start a blog with any niche and include affiliate links to the products associated with your niche. You can do this immediately and generate a coin just as quick. Some great webites that have products that you can sell for any niche are Amazon, JVZOO or Clickbank

Digital Product Creators

Digital products are a sure fire way for blogger to make money. Blogging, as you know is a good way to build your audience in which they get to know you, like and trust you. While you have a great momentum you can create digital products around your blog niche. Once product is create, send out an email blast to your loyal subscribers and start to bring in revenue.


Product Review

Reviewing your favorite or even new products can bring home a nice paycheck. Most companies new and old are using bloggers yes bloggers as one of their advertising avenues to get the word out about their products

Tech Blogger

With DIY being such a popular trend these days, a techinal blogger can really cash in. With most site owners taking on projects on their own , being connected with someone who provide step by step process on technical issues can make one’s life a bit easier. No longer are site owner spending hundreds of dollars per month to hire someone to solve their tech issues, we are doing it ourselves.

Blog Coaching

Many are inspiring to start a blog but dont know where to begin. This is basically a service that we at “I Aspire to Blog” offer our clients. We help aspiring bloggers get a jump start on their blog by helping create and monetize their blog in the most cost effective ways. You can make money almost immediately without breaking the bank to get set up. Contact us if thats you.


Alot of people are stuck on how to word their product in a way that will close a sale. There is a demand for those who know how to create words that will intrigue a potential buyer into investing in your product or service. Copywiriters are one of the most sought after services for adding the final touches on a new product for sale. Blogging a great way for copywriters to showcase their wording skills and share testimonies from previous clients in turn will gain more business.

Event Blogger

Blogger about upcoming and past events has afforded many with a decent paycheck. Most blogger now nowadays are being used as a marketing tool and press for different events. There is also an opportunity to see ad space to the Event host for further publicity. This can be offered as a joint promotional package or separate services.

Stay tuned for next week’s Blog post with 10 more way for Bloggers to get PAID!