Kimbra born Kimberly Owens in 1974, was born and raised in Upstate NY where she attended and graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice. In 2010, Kimbra then went on to attend Axia College an extension of University of Phoenix, and graduated with her BA in Global Business by 2014. With the humble upbringing and education she has received, it still didn’t fulfill her dreams to serve in Corporate America making someone else rich. It was then Kimbra decided that she would live on her own terms, and create income that would benefit her family and legacy, not someone else’s. As a small business owner and serial entrepreneur, Kimbra did just that.

Blogging for 2 years now, Kimbra, who is also known as the Melanated Blogher strikes again with her brand new Blog called “I Aspire to Blog”. She loves to write and provide valuable information to her readers. “So many people want to get started but don’t know how”; says, Kimbra. It is her mission to inform Aspiring Bloggers on how to Create and Monetize their Blog with just a few steps and with little to no cost.