I remember some time ago when someone asked me what I did for an income and I told them I have an blog. “No,” they said, “I mean full time, like a real job!”

That comment, as much as it hurt, hit the nail on the head, and got me thinking about what I was actually doing. My online blog wasn’t reaching my audience and not bringing in the income that I desired. As hard as it was to admit it, the truth was I wasn’t committed to it, I was treating it like a hobby. Granted it, this was my first blog I was referring to that I started years ago.

When you look at successful bloggers and online marketers like Amy Porterfield of AmyPorterfield.com or Ruth Soucup of Living Well, Spending Less particularly two that i admire, they too have the same things in common. They have their laptop, an internet connection and an idea. But they do a few things differently and this is what I believe changes the game for them and their business:

Show Up

This sounds so obvious, but one of the most important ways for you to stay committed to your business is by showing up, like you would if you were running a traditional company. Arrive at work, stay there and leave when you’re done. So simple, yet so hard. Trust me, I know.

Know what Lane to Drive in

To be focused is to know who you want to serve, what you want to serve and how you will add value to their lives. Occasionally I’ve looked at a company and wondered how they make any money and then realize they are filling a need and they’re adding value to their customers’ lives whomever those customers may be. If you haven’t a clue, it is time to get one so you wont invest funds in an audience that wont value your product. Its important to Target the people who need your service.

Create Quality Content

You need to have content on your site that keeps people coming back for more and they must want to share it and pass it on. Include industry tips, comments and interaction and always remain true to your brand, from the style and tone and your service. Without quality content, your online business will seem like a ghost town. Need Tips on creating Quality content? Grab the ebook here.

Keep it Fresh

Good content is essential but its always to get it fresh and new. Your audience already received your valuable information about buiilding a good email list and now maybe you can inform them how how to live stream as a marketing strategy cause even good content can get stale.

These simple steps along with some more in depth strategies are what alot of business gurus use when they started and still use today. It is important to stay consistent with what works in your business and never falter. In doing this, you can obtain the success you strive for.