New bloggers have to focus on the design and usability of their blog. It is important to craft your blog to attract your target audience, Have them come back for more and share your content.

Free Themes

Designing your blog does not have to be expensive. In fact, you can do it for free, especially if you’re using WordPress. It has a lot of free and excellent themes that you can use. Just go to the Themes Directory and you’ll find a wide range of choices in there. These themes can be customized. If you want to add personality to your blog, just tweak your chosen theme a little and you’ll get a unique blog design. It would help if you have a working knowledge of CSS and HTML to help you design your new blog. You could go to or to find tutorials on designing blogs.

Blog Logo

To increase readers’ awareness of your blog, you need an identifying logo. Invest in one to increase the uniqueness of your blog and promote your brand further.

You can try websites like to find great logos for your blog. It allows you to hold a contest as to who can design the best logo for you. You can talk to the designers, wait for a week, then choose from several entries. This might even save you money since you can find great logos as cheap as $150. This is creative and fun as you get dozens of entries where you can choose which logo design is best for you.

I am sure you’ve heard of the infamous Fiverr. This one stop of all of your business needs is nothing short of amazing and has helped me jump start my business in a matter of days at a low cost. It is important to keep in mind not to go big when starting your business. A Nicely well design logo for $5 is a great start for a new blog. As your blog grows and your business expands, your graphics, website and other branding materials can expand with it.

Designing Based On What You Want Your Visitors To Do

There are many things that you might ask of your readers when they visit your blog, such as the following:

  • Read at least one article
  •  Read the most read posts
  •  Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Subscribe to your RSS feed
  • Click on ads
  • Share your post to a social bookmarking site
  • Leave comments
  •  Buy from you
  • Click on the link to your social networks
  • Share your posts on the social networks
  • Share your post to friends through email
  • Check as many articles as they can
  • Download your eBook

However, you cannot design your blog to motivate your readers to do all of these things. That is, if you don’t want to make a mess out of your blog.

What you can do is to choose your priorities among the actions that you want your readers to do. Then, create a design to trigger those actions among your readers. The bottom line is that the fewer actions you want your readers to do, the more likely it is that they will get your message and execute those actions.